Complete the application form by January 31st and nominate your candidate to one (or both) of the categories. If you prefer, you can choose to be awarded anonymously, indicating this wish when nominating your candidate in the application form.

The candidates should be 18 or over, and their skills and experience should meet the majority of the potential employer’s criteria.

NB! The expert that nominates his/her candidate must have got the consent from the candidate before nominating. 

If a winning candidate was nominated by several contestants, the prize will be given to the one, who nominated the candidate in the first place.

What to do if you're not a professional headhunter but you have a good candidate to nominate?

Nominate! We award not only HR professionals, but also talented people that can find a hidden gem amongst their friends, family or coworkers.


Candidates must be submitted by December 23rd.

Grand Prize

10 000€. Read about how to get this prize.