Terms for contest Golden Hunter campaign

By Decision No. 1
Of 23 November 2018

1. Organizer: 

AS HUB 4, including the affiliated enterprises of the Group, hereinafter referred to as - MOGO Finance
Address: Skanstes Street 50, Riga, LV - 1013, Latvia 
Reg. No. 40203150030
Bank: AS Citadele Banka
Account No: LV13 PARX 0020 9396 6000 1
Contact: Anita Kalniņa, phone+37129131436, email:

2. Substantiation for content of the contest - concept 

Having the headquarters in Riga, MOGO Finance operates in 12+ countries all around the European Union and the CIS region. We offer the services of financial lease, reverse lease and consumer credit providing the most client-oriented procedures of loans. Our loan portfolio has grown up to EUR 100+, and our goal is to continue a rapid growth.The successful development of Mogo is based on a strong structure of capital, a powerful management team, a very developed IT platform and the analytic abilities that are leading in the industry. 

Along with the development of the company an objective necessary to recruit new members of the MOGO Finance team - the Head of a Regional structure (HUB CEO) and the Head of Data Science. 

3. Goal of the Contest 

Via receiving applications of the contest members, to recruit talented team members for current positions of the MOGO Finance team - a HUB CEO and the Head of Data Science. 

4. Task of the Contest 

4.1. The principal task of the Contest - to offer the candidates for the positions of a HUB CEO and the Head of Data Science to MOGO Finance.

4.2. In case the applied candidate is not selected for the positions within this Campaign, the Contest Organiser reserved the right to offer similar positions in the affiliated enterprises. In case such a candidate does not wish to acquire any job offers from the Organiser, the candidate has the right to waive such services. 

5. Type and participants of the Contest 

5.1. The Contest is open. 

5.2. Any legal or natural person of the age at least 18 - a resident of Latvia or other country - may participate in the Contest.

5.3. The Contest terms are the same for all the participants. 

6. Arrangements for receipt of the terms of the Contest 

Following announcement of the Contest, all the interested participants can familiarise themselves with the terms of the Contest in website www.goldenhunter.lv

7. Requirements posed to a HUB CEO

  • Higher education in finances, business or a related field; 
  • Verifiable job experience in development and/or operational management of ‘B2C’ business, preferably in the field of services; 
  • Practical and theoretical knowledge of the management and development of customer service centres; 
  • Strong skills of leadership, abilities to inspire the team and build long-term relationship both internally in the company and with external partners; 
  • Experience in development of the international business is to be considered an advantage;  
  • Excellent command of English;• Interest in the industry of FinTech and consumer financial services;  
  • An urge to pro-actively work in a team and a practical approach to the assignments; 
  • Readiness for frequent business trips.

8. Requirements posed to the Head of Data Sciences

  • Master’s degree in statistics, mathematics, analytics, computer sciences or other related quantitative science; 
  • Experience of at least 3 (three) years in a position of Data science, preferably - a position of Senior Data science officer or a similar senior position;
  • Skills and experience with the script languages and skills of rapid prototyping;
  • Verified and successful experience in implementing the improved quantitative analysis and statistic modelling with positive impact on the business outcomes;
  • Potential and/or experience of being a leader;• Excellent command of English;
  • Interest in the industry of FinTech and consumer financial services; 
  • An urge to pro-actively work in a team and a practical approach to the assignments;

9. Format of the application to be submitted to the Contest 

9.1. Applicants will submit their application in the electronic format via website www.goldenhunter.lv.

10. Arrangements for submitting the Contest application

10.1. Contest applications are to be submitted via website www.goldenhunter.lv by 11:59 p.m. (23:59) 31 January 2019. 

10.2. No contest applications received after the term set forth in Item 10.1 will be accepted. 

11. The projects submitted to the Contest will be evaluated by Commission in the following composition: 

Edgars Egle
Modestas Sudnius
Anita Kalniņa
A representative of the investors of MOGO Finance

12. Evaluation of the Contest results and announcing the results 

12.1. The Commission shall evaluate the submitted applications by the following criteria: 

12.1.1. Compliance of the potential candidate for the positions of the HUB CEO and the Head of Data Science. 

12.2. Each Commission member shall provide a short, written annotation for each evaluated application and rank them in the order of the taken position. In the individual evaluation, equal evaluation for two or more applications is acceptable. After evaluation if the applications, the Commission shall perform several interviews with the potential candidates assessing their conformity to the posed requirements.

12.3. The Commission Secretary shall perform written summary of the individual evaluations provided by the Commission members. 

12.4. The Commission shall take the decision on the Contest results by February 28, 2019. 

12.5. The Commission shall be valid if its meeting is participated by no fewer than 3 (three) Commission Members. 

12.6. The Commission shall take the decision on the Contest results by the majority of the votes. In case of even score of the votes, the Chairperson of the Commission shall have the casting vote. 

12.7. The participants will be notified about the Contest results in writing within 5 business days after the Commission has taken its decision. The results shall be published in website www.goldhunter.lv unless the winner has chosen to stay anonymous. 

12.8. The Contest is to be rendered null or to be discontinued without any outcome if no application has been submitted.

13. Awards 

13.1. The total value of the awards is EUR 10’000. 

13.2. The participants shall be granted awards (including the statutory taxes) for the best applications: - For the HUB CEO - EUR 5'000 excluding the statutory taxes;-For the Head of Data Science - EUR 5'000 excluding the statutory taxes.

13.3. The awards shall be paid on the condition that the potential candidate for the respective position has executed an employment contract with the Contest organiser or an enterprise of its Group and following 3 (three) months of employment at the Contest organiser or an enterprise of its Group. 

14. Other provisions 

14.1. The Commission is also entitled to invite experts as advisers in evaluation of the proposals. 

14.2. Any inquiries regarding the motives to organise the Contest and the substantive nature of the expected proposals should be addressed to the Contact.