The Golden Hunter is a headhunter award presented to two industry experts selected by our judges. The two winners share a 10 000 € prize.

We know the work of a lot of headhunters remains unrecognised. This is the inspiration for us to us launch the award. We want to give the opportunity to these professionals to prove to us and the rest of the world that they deserve not only praise, but also the chance to be recognised as the ‘Golden Hunter’.

This is the first Golden Hunter award in the world. Its purpose is to search, find and praise the very best.

We invite everyone who feels that they have what it takes to nominate their candidates for two job positions by January 31st. Our panel of judges will then review the applications, and if the candidate you have proposed gets the job, you will win the prize!

We are looking to fill two positions, which means there will be two winners, each of whom will receive 5,000 euros.